Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
- AO .
Anarchy Online
- AC .
Asheron's Call.Armour Class. This is how much armour a character has. Armour helps to reduce the amount of damage taken.
- GG GF GJ .
Good Game, Good Fight, Good Job.
- AFK .
AFK - Away from keyboard. Usually followed by a reson; drink, food, bio-break (bathroom), phone.
- AI .
Artificial Intelligence. Refers to the "intelligence" programmed into a game that controls the actions and reactions of NPCs, simulating independent intelligence.Alien Invasion - Anarchy Online game expansion.
- Avatar .
The graphical representation of a player in a game.
- B/F .
Be Back in a Bit.
- BH .
Bounty Hunter.
- BRB .
Be right Back.
- BRT: BRT .
Be Right There.
- BTW .
By the Way.
- Buffing Buff .
Refer to preparatory actions taken prior to combat, usually involving the casting of spells.
- Camping Camp .
Lying in wait in order to ambush a player or group. Can also mean to hunt in a location awaiting a rare spawn or rare drop. A stationary location where a player or group continuously fight respawning mobs. Also a term used for logging off.
- Con .
Consider. Command used to assess the strength of an opponent.
- CYA CU .
CUSee you later.
- DoT .
Damage Over Time. Refers to effects that, when placed on a target, cause continuous damage over a limited period of time.
- MUD .
Multi User Domains / Dungeons. A Digital Realm where contains multiple players / people.
- Alts Alters .
Characters controlled by a player, but are not the player’s main character. Only possible in Multi Character Servers.
- Add .
Term to describe additional monsters that attack you while you are already engaged in battle.
- AOE AE .
Area of Effect / Area effect. This term is used for spells/abilities that work in a certain range, rather then on a single mob/player.
- AE .
Area effect damage.
- DD .
Direct Damage.
- MEZ .
Area effect mesmerize. Any mob in the area of effect can be mesmerized.
- Aggro .
General term used for the way mobs react to players, i.e. aggresive. PLayers getting "aggro" did something to anger the mob that will start attacking them. There are several ways to "draw" aggro: coming into a certain radius of the mob, or initiating combat with them yourself.
- Aggro Radius .
The radius around the monsters where they will "wake up" and attack you.
- AGI .
- Carebear .
Player that prefers to help other players attack monsters rather than attack other players in player vs. player combat.
- Caster .
A character that stays on the back row to heal or cast spells on the enemy, such as a Mage.
- Cheese .
To exploit an imbalance in the game.
- Pets Pet .
A NPC controlled by a player, aiding that player and his teammates in fights.
- CR .
Corpse Retrevial
- Creep .
- Critters .
Monsters that don't attack back, like a bunny or deer.
- DMG .
- DOT .
Damage over time
- DPS .
Damage per second
- De-Buff Debuff .
A negative spell cast on a unit that makes it less powerful.
- FH .
Full Health.
- FM .
Full Mana.
- Gank .
Player vs. Player: To attack another player while they're trying to fight a monster.
- GM .
Game Master. Someone to assist and help players.
- Griefer .
A person who purposely tries to annoy or anger other players.
- Grinding .
Staying in the same area fighting the same types of monsters for a very long time.
- Hate .
Similar to threat.
- HP .
Hit points or Health.
- Incoming INC .
This means an attack is coming.
- Instancing Instance .
This is a dungeon where you will load into your OWN copy of the dungeon with your group. Only you and your group will be in your copy of the dungeon. Another group that enters the same area will enter their own copy of the dungeon.
- INT .
- Kiting .
A style of combat in which a player continually stays out of combat range of an enemy usually by running from it, while simultaneously causing damage to it.
- KOS .
Killed on Sight. If an Orc approaches a Human Guard, the Guard would try to kill on sight (aggro).
- KS .
Kill Steal. Try to steal another person's kill.
- LFG .
Looking for a group.
- LFM .
Looking for more.
- Log .
When you log off. Disconnect from the game.
- LOL .
Lots of Laugh or Laughing Out Loud. This abbreviation indicates something is really funny.
- LOM .
Low on Mana.
- LOS .
Line of Sight.
- LOOT .
To take the treasure from a monster that has been killed or from a chest.
- LVL .
- MMO .
Massively Multiplayer Online.
- MMOG .
Massively Multiplayer Online Game.
- MOB .
MOB is an old programming acronym of Mobile Object Block. Mobs are all computer controlled characters in the game. You should likely use some other term such as monster, creep, or bad guy.
- Named .
A special monster that is usually stronger than surrounding monsters with possibile special abilities and item drops.
- Nerf .
To downgrade, to be made softer, or make less effective.
- Newbie Newb .
A term that sometimes means new player. Newbie is also used to suggest that a player is not very good.
- N00b Noob .
Uncool way to say newb. Avoid to use it.
- NPC .
This is a non player-controlled character. The characters are controlled by the server. A "computer" character.
- OOM .
Out of Mana. People say this to let their party know they are out of mana and can't cast any spells, especially healing.
- PC .
Player controlled character.
- PK .
Player Kill or Player Killer.
- POP .
Contraction of "Repopulation", often used as a shortened term for the re-spawn of monsters.
- PST .
Please Send Tell. Indicates that the person speaking wants to receive communication via a tell.
- Puller .
Person who pulls monsters for the party.
- Pulling Pull .
One of the players in a party heads out and leads one or more of the monsters back to the party so that the party can attack the monsters. The idea is to prevent too many monsters from attacking at once.
- PvE .
Player vs. Environment. Combat between players and computer controlled opponents.
- PvP .
Player vs. Player. This means for one player to attack another player.
- Raid .
A raid is a large-scale attack on an area by a group of players.
- Res Rez .
Short for resurrect
- Re-Spawn .
A monster that has been killed has spawned (been created) again.
- Root .
To trap a target in place/stuck using a "root" type spell.
- Spawns .
The location or process of monsters appearing when they are created in the world.
- SPI .
- STA .
- Stack .
A number of identical items placed in a single inventory slot, to conserve space. Only certain items can be stacked.
- STR .
- Tank .
A melee character that can take a lot of damage like a Warrior.
- Taunt .
Related to Aggro. An ability that allows a player to pull the attention of a monster off of another player and onto him- or herself.
- Threat .
Related to Aggro. This is what a character "gives off" to generate or draw monster aggro.
- Train .
To lead monsters into another player.
- Twink .
A low level character who has been made more powerful by higher level characters, usually by getting stronger armor and weapons than the character would normally have at such a low level.
- Uber .
German slang for 'super', originally meaning 'over'. Exceptionally powerful.
- WoW .
World of Warcraft
- WTB .
Wanting to buy.
- WTS .
Wanting to sell.
- XP Exp .
Experience Points.
As far as I know.
- ASAP .
As soon as possible.
- BRT .
Be Right There.
- Disc. Discon. LD .
An involuntary disconnection from a game server.
- Dorf .
Short for dwarf.
- FWIW .
For what it's worth.
- Gimp .
A character who doesnt live up to his full potensial, often using low level equipment or focusing on poor skill combinations.
- GL .
Good Luck. Also Group Leader, Guild Leader.
- Gratz Grats .
Short for "Congratulations".
- GTG .
Good to go or alternatively got to go.
- HF .
Have Fun.
- Hume .
Short for human.
In my opinion / In my humble opinion.
- IRL .
In Real Life.
- J/K JK .
Just Kidding.
- K .
- LAG .
Latency; connection to server.
- Lamer .
Someone who does something wich disrupts someone elses gaming experience, usually to gain something (Like exp).
- Leveling .
Fighting monsters with the purpose of gaining a level.
- Leech .
Stealing XP from some other person's/people's work without self effort, usually without consent.
- Med Medding Meditate .
Resting to get your mana back.
- Mule .
A character made solely for storing items or to gain profiency in crafting skills to "backup" the players main character.
- Newbie Zone .
Area around starting cities where newbies first start killing mobs.
- No prob NP .
No Problem.
- Nuke .
To shower a target with damage spells.
- Nuker .
Spellcaster who throws a lot of damage spells on a target.
- NM .
Not much or Never mind.
- NVM .
Never mind.
- OMG .
"Oh my god!" term used to express suprise about something.
On my way / on our way.
- Ping .
Response time from client to server; measured in milliseconds.
- PL Powerleveling .
Having a player kill an enemy much much too high for them while a high level character keeps them alive, to quickly gain levels.
- PP .
Perfect play.
- PPL .
- Owned Own Pwned Pwns .
To totally dominate another player in a PvP battle.
- QL .
Quality Level. Higher quality level means the items is more powerful.
- RDY .
Short for "ready".
- Relog .
To log off then log back in, often done to fix bugs.
- Release .
Usually referred to when a player goes back to the Graveyard instead of waiting around for a Rez, however, the player can still be ressurected after a release.
- RFP .
Ready for pull
- ROFL .
"Rolling on the floor laughing", stronger version of lol.
- SP .
Skill points.
- STFU .
Used in the same manner as "Shut Up", when someone is very annoyed and wants someone to keep silent.
- Sup? .
Short for "What's up?" often used in the beginning of a conversation.
- TBA .
To be announced.
- TBD .
To be determined.
- Thx TY .
Thanks or Thank You.
- U .
- Ur .
- WTT .
Want to trade.
- WTG .
Way to go!
- WTH .
An expression of high shock or disbelief.
- WTF .
An expression of extreme shock or disbelief.
- WB .
Welcome back.
- TPW .
Total Party Whipeout.
- Toon .
Some people refer to their character as their toon.
- Support class .
A class that cant really fight on his own, mainly used to assist groups.
- Social .
Referring to an enemy that brings allies when you attack it.
- Rox RoXXor .
This rocks ! Used when something is good.
- RL .
Raid Leader.
- Rebuff .
Rebuff Re-cast positive player buffs.
- Peeps .
- Park .
To cause a monster to be immobile.
- MHIL .
My health is low.
- Mana sink .
Someone who requires undue amounts of healing.
- Main .
Your primary character of all the characters you play.
- IC .
I see.
- Hybrid .
Fighter / Caster mixed class.
- FYI .
For your information.
- Farming Farm .
Farming Staying at a specific location in hope for a specific monster to spawn and drop an item that the player is looking for.
- EQ .
- EnB .
Earth and Beyond.
- Dupe .
Illegal copies of a particular items obtained while using an exploit or bug.
- Duel .
When two players agree to fight together.
- Bot .
A second character on another account brought along merely to buff or heal.
- Bind .
Action of getting linked with a bindstone, where you respawn after death.
- Bank Sitter .
Someone that stays near highly populated areas (like bank, vault keeper) to show off his good equipment.
- Bait .
A person who gets out of the group to pull a monster.
- 1337 leet .
A numerical translation for "elite" pronounced "leet".
- Attribute .
e.g. Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc.
- AKA .
Also known as.
- AP .
Attack Power.
- AR .
Attack Rating.
- B .
- Bodycount .
Type of quest where you have to kill X monsters.
- Bug .
Technical game error or glitch.
- Calm Calming .
The act of "calming" a mob so that it doesn't attack.
- Charm Charming .
The act turning a mob into a pet to help fight on your side.
- Class .
A specific type of character, signifying a role or profession (ie. medic, paladin, mage, warrior...).
- Corpse Camping .
Not so nice tactic used by PCs in PvP to kill a player as they respawn from death.
- Corpse Run .
Running back to your corpse after you die.
- Crit .
Critical hit.
- Crowd Control CC .
Methods used to control crowds of mobs like calming, charming, and rooting.
- DnD .
Do Not Disturb.
- Emotes .
Way of expressing how you feel in the game thru commands that create text or animated reactions from your character.
- Exploit .
Taking advantage of a glitch or game mechanic to gain an advantage that is not allowed per the terms of use of the game.
- FFA .
Free For All. A loot option that allows any party member to loot.
- Guild Clan .
An organization of players. Guilds are supported by in-game systems that allow for sharing of resources, experiences, and information with other members.
- HoT .
Heal Over Time.
- Link .
To link an item in a channel allowing others to see it's stats. Can be used in trade, party, guild, or tell channels.
- LMAO .
Laughing My Arse Off.
- Lure .
Pulling a caster then running beyond party members to draw caster closer.
- Mats .
- Ninja .
To loot something very quickly before anyone else can take it.
- OTOH .
On The Other Hand.
- Proc .
Process on action. An item that has proc will perform some extra ability randomly.
- Prolly .
- Roam Roamer .
Mobs or NPCs that move around from once place or zone to the next.
- Roll .
A random number generated for some purpose.
- RP .
- S > .
- Static .
Something that doesn't move or a mob that stands still until provoked. Opposite of roam.
- T > .
- w00t woot .
Exclamation of joy.
- Wipe .
The situation where everyone in a party is killed by mobs, often in an instance.
- Zone .
A portion of the game/reaml/world.
- < 3 .
Much Love.
- DAOC .
Dark Ages of Camelot.
- RvR .
Realm versus Realm combat.
- E3 .
Electronic Entertainment Expo.
- EQ2 .
Everquest II.
- EQOA .
Everquest Online Adventures.
- L2 .
Lineage II.
- PS .
- SOE .
Sony Online Entertainment.
- SWG .
Star Wars Galaxies.
- UO .
Ultima Online.
Massively multiplayer online first-person shooter.
Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy.
- COH .
City of Heroes.
- Crafting Craft .
A general category of skills that allows players to manufacture objects from raw resources.
- Dirt Nap .
Slang for dead. Most corpses lie on the ground when killed.
- DKP .
Dragon kill points.
- Druid .
Hybrid class, part healer, part support, part fighter.
- Eating Grass .
Slang for dead. Most corpses lie on the ground when killed face down.
- FTW .
For the win.
- LFT .
Looking for team.
- LFS .
Looking for squad.
- Macro .
Programming term applied to user-made macros, or scripts that can automatically send messages, cast spells, and a variety of other functions. Mainly used to automate things that are repeatedly done to expediate gameplay.
- Medding .
Resting in order to gain back mana.
- Min-Maxing .
When players attempt to create their characters as powerful as they can be by crunching statistics, planning their future routes, and any other methods in order to make their characters the statistically best character possible. Optimization.
- MOO .
MUD Object Oriented.
- MT .
Mistells occur frequently because of typing in the wrong name before sending a message. Also Main Tank.
- PB .
Point blank. Used to refer to a class of spells that originates in a radius around the caster.
- Port .
Short for teleport.
- Respec .
At certain high levels in some games, you are given the chance to “respec” your character. When you respec, you recreate your character from level 1 until the present level in terms of skills/powers/abilities/etc.
- Shard .
Synonymous with server.
- Solo .
The act of playing alone, hunting mobs alone.
- Spec .
Short for specification.
- Stun .
A typical form of crowd control ability that immobilizes an enemy.
- MxO .
Matrix Online.
- FFXI .
Final Fantasy XI.
- OOR .
Out of range Usually used to inform others that a PC or NPC is not within the designated range of a spell.
- MA .
Main Assist.
- SA .
Secondary Assist.
- TA .
Third Assist.
Read the F'n Manual or Read the Manual respectively.
- Gate .
Usually a term for a self only teleport back to ones Bind Point.
- DT .
Death Touch.
- LOC .
Short term for "location", which will usually be represented in the game as an X,Y,Z coordinate for the area you are in, or as a Dot on a map. It usually is used to tell where you, yourself are, but can also be used in order to find a specific place.
- TP .
Tele-Port, an ability that can send yourself or others to another specified point, short or long ranged.
- Team Killer TK .
A player that kills people on his own team, whether for fun or out of malice.
- CS .
Counter Strike. Customer Service.
- HTH .
Hope that Helps.
- M59 .
Meridian 59.
Massive Multiplayer Online Fantasy Game.
- No Drop .
Describes a quality of certain objects that prevent characters from dropping or trading them after they have picked them up.
- NWW .
Newbie Welcome Wagon.
- OIC .
Oh, I see.
- OMFG .
Oh My ****** God! Also OMG.
- PD Perma D .
Permanent Death. In gaming, when a player's character dies and does not return to life or respawn at a designated location.
- Plz .
- POV .
Point of View.
Roll About On The Floor Laughing.
- Roxxors .
An expletive meaning, "It rocks!".
- Suxxors .
An expletive meaning, "It sucks!".
- AA .
Alternate Abilities.
- ATK .
Attack Power.
- CH .
Complete Heal.
- CHA .
- Chanter .
- Cheal .
Complete Heal.
- Ding .
Announcement of gaining a level. It refers to the loud gong sound players hear when they gain a new level. "Ding 15!"
- Donation .
A small, usually optional payment given in exchange for services.
- Drop .
Treasure, money or items carried by NPCs. Players can take these items when those NPCs are killed.
- LFA .
Looking for Adventure.
- Pal Paladin .
- Cooldown .
The waiting time before a spell, item or ability can be used again.
- Patch .
A downloadable update that fixes bugs, improves stability and introduces new features to a program.
- Quest .
An adventure requiring cunning, discipline and bravery to succeed, but invariably undertaken with idiocy, disorder and cowardice. Reward is always inversely proportional to the effort and risk involved.
- BYOG .
Bring Your Own Group. Sometimes used when describing something that will likely require you to come to a place with an already formed group (party) of players, as opposed to expecting to find co-adventurers directly in the area of action.
- Epic .
Describing the extreme rarity of a piece of equipment ("epic shield", "epic armor"), or the extreme difficulty of an encounter or quest.
- Faction .
Many games represent how groups of Mobs and NPCs feel about your character through a value representing your "faction standing" with that group. There are often ways to alter your faction standing either positively (such as completing quests for members of that faction or killing members of opposing factions) or negatively (such as killing members of the faction or completing quests for opposing factions).
- MPK .
Mass Player Kill. To intentionally kill a large number of player controlled characters, usually by training several mobs and running to the players' position.
- Party .
A group of players fighting together.
- Rollback .
The full state of the game world is usually not saved permanently on the game servers continously, but is done at intervals. To fix a big problem with a gaming world, the game may be rolled back to a previous state. Players possessions, their whereabouts, their state, etc. will all be rolled back and appear to be in the same state as they were on that point in time.
- Skills .
Various abilities the character is capable of using, such as wielding specific types of weapons, wearing specific types of armor, casting specific types of spells, or even creating specific types of items
- TNL .
To next level, how many experience points are needed for a player to reach the next level.

Mas MMO Glossary.

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